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Before the Welsh Government announced a “firebreak” national lockdown Ardal Northern clubs were asked for their opinions on commencing the first  season of the new Tier three Northern leagues

The league and Welsh Football are in the hands of the WAG and fully agree with their decision not to commence playing league games until it is safe to do so

A recent survey of Ardal Northern league clubs in which twenty three of the thirty-two clubs supplied answers

Clubs opinions vary but the one common answer from the majority was that they would like to start to play league games when it is safe to do so

Postponed and abandoned games would not be rescheduled

  • Most clubs agreed with this if the formula for points was fair

Would you club agree to abide by all rules to get the games on

  • All clubs agreed

Would you club ensure all protocols for the safe playing of games are adhered to

  • Most said Yes - but need to know what they are

When (and if) a start date is given there would be two Saturday’s to play pre-season games

  • Most clubs were happy with this

Clubs also added the following comments

  • If not started by January abandon season -
  • We should not start without spectators
  • Finances are a problem, for example how would we pay officials
  • What format would the league take
  • Need to understand what safety protocols we need to follow
  • Would there be promotion/relegation
  • Some club maybe be willing to play in midweek at an alternative ground – would the league/FAW pay for hire of grounds
  • We may not be competitive because we have lost players
  • If league abandoned would players registration fees be carried forward
  • Will Cup games be played?

The league has prepared for the start of the new league. All clubs have been supplies with the following as per league rules

  • Copy of rules and fines
  • Contact booklet
  • Matchballs
  • Sponsors adverts and sleeve logos
  • Matchday passes

Clubs have also received the FAW Tier three award of £2000 for obtaining a place in the leagues

Leagues games will not commence until the WAG gives us the green light, we fully agree with their decision not to commence playing league games until it is safe to do so


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