Season start

When can the Ardal Northern leagues commence playing is the question most frequently being asked of the league?

We are in the hands of the Welsh Government. There is currently a restriction of thirty people taking part in outdoor events. After The JD Cymru Alliance is classed as “elite” and are allowed more than the restriction

To start the Ardal leagues we need the thirty persons restriction for sports increased by the Welsh Government, hopefully this would allow the leagues to play matches safely and legally if we can control the environment, put certain measures in place and use track & trace, etc. The FAW are appealing to the Government to increase the number for specific controlled / organised environments.

The next Welsh Government Review is on September 11th. If the restriction on the thirty persons maximum is increased we all hope that we may be able to start the long-awaited Lock Stock Ardal Northern leagues

The unlocking of the numbers will presumably depend on the number of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases remaining flat or hopefully decreasing. Any increase in the curve is likely to prevent the thirty people limit being increased


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