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Re: Amendments to FAW Rules 79 and 80

Please note the below amendments recently approved by Members to the following FAW Rules regarding the transfer of Amateur Players: FAW Rule 79 – Notice of approach for Amateur Players Clubs approached or intending to approach or negotiate with an Amateur Player are now required to only give three (3) days’ notice. This is a reduction from the previous seven (7) days’ notice requirement.

The three (3) day notice period must expire within the applicable Professional or Amateur Registration Period. In accordance with the FAW COMET Regulations, Clubs must serve three (3) days’ notice via FAW COMET. No other form of serving notice is recognised under FAW Rules and/or Regulations. Furthermore, negotiations must cease after seven (7) days have elapsed since the date notice was served.

This is a reduction from the previous twenty-one (21) day period. All other timeframes within FAW Rule 79 remain unchanged. FAW Rule 80 – Objecting to the domestic transfer of an Amateur Player Any Club wishing to object to the transfer of an Amateur Player must do so in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The email must include a signed letter detailing the grounds of your objection which will be considered by the FAW in its absolute discretion. There is no need for a Club to contact the FAW to advise that a Player does not wish to transfer to the approaching Club as we trust in such circumstances the Player will not complete the registration form for the approaching Club. In accordance with recent changes made to FAW Rule 80, please note that:

• Any written objection must be received by the FAW within seven (7) days of the date notice was served against your Club.

This is a reduction from the previous twenty-one (21) day period for objection; and • Any objection shall be limited to an alleged breach by the approaching club of one or more of the provisions set out under FAW Rule 79.

The FAW will review objections received on an individual basis and shall have absolute discretion to withhold acceptance of the transfer whilst the objection is being investigated. If the approaching Club is considered to have breached FAW Rule 79 by approaching the Player(s), the FAW will have absolute discretion to reject the transfer(s) and the approaching Club may be subject to disciplinary proceedings in accordance with Section E of FAW Rules. If no objection is received within the seven (7) day period, the FAW will process the transfer upon receiving the written request of the approaching Club and on the provision that all other FAW Rules and/or Regulations and/or procedures have been complied with.

Please note this is not an automatic process and any Club wishing to request FAW intervention in a transfer once the seven (7) day period has elapsed must do so in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The email must include a signed letter detailing the necessary grounds and clearly requesting FAW intervention under FAW Rule 80. Please note under the FAW COMET Regulations, the FAW will not process the transfer of an Amateur Player who has monies unpaid on his or her FAW COMET record. This is limited to unpaid player registration fees and disciplinary fines owed to the FAW. For clarity former FAW Rule 81 has been deleted from FAW Rules.

The FAW will not consider unpaid monies owed to Clubs or matters relating to the return of kit and/or equipment as a valid reason to withhold the transfer of a Player. These matters are separate, and should Clubs be unable to resolve amicably the appropriate dispute procedures are set out under Section E of FAW Rules and/or the appropriate section of the relevant Area Associations rules. In such cases any dispute can be heard by an applicable Disciplinary Panel on the provision the appropriate Request Fee is paid by the party referring the dispute and that any other procedure requirements under FAW Rules and/or Regulations have been complied with.


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