Player loans

Re: Amendments to FAW Rules concerning the loan of Professional Players

Please note that the provision for short term “Domestic Loans” outside the Professional Registration Periods have been removed from the Rules of the Cymru Premier, Cymru North and Cymru South Leagues.

To ensure the number of players each Club is permitted to have on loan at once and over the course of a Playing Season is not adversely affected by the above changes, please note: • A Club shall be entitled to a maximum of twelve (12) Professional Players on loan to it during a Playing Season; and • A Club shall be entitled to have no more than six (6) Professional Players on loan at any one time.

Further to the above, please also note amendments stipulating a Professional Player may only be recalled under the following circumstances: a) On the provision that the written loan agreement between the two clubs and player allows such an early recall; and b) The recall occurs during a Professional Registration Period; and c) At least twenty-eight (28) days have elapsed since the start of the loan.

In all such cases the recall requires twenty-four (24) hours written notice which must be served on the loan club and copied to the Association via FAW COMET.



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