The question

On everybodies lips

Now that the 2019/20 season is over the big question clubs wants the answer to is "where will we be playing next season". They do not have long to wait.

The FAW have confirmed the followingdates  to clubs Thursday, 25th June Tier 3 First Instance Body Meet Wednesday, 8th July Tier 3 Appeals Body meet.

All clubs who pass the criteria (or have a share agreement in place) will be considered for the new tier three leagues with sporting criteria then coming into consideration should there be more clubs than required, the final consideration will be the clubs who have applied using the FAW regulaion "The Movement of Clubs within the Pyramid Tiers 1 -4 other than by Promotion or Relegation"

The majority of clubs should be known by June 26th. with those who have appealed waiting on the decision by the appeals boardwho sit on July 8th.

Clubs who are not selected for the new tier three leagues will play in the Area Association leagues next season


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